Work with us

What is your office culture? What is the employee experience like? Does food play a part in it?

We have a food development team, headed up by executive chef Daniel Howes. Their sole purpose is to create a culture within our workforce that promotes our shared values, giving you a sustainable approach to your foodservice.

We are all about uniting people through food. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. Your food offer will be unique to you. Big plates, small plates, the classics, street style food, experiential food. You will tell us about your space, your customer demographic, your vision and we work with you to deliver it.

Some of the things important to us are:

  • To recognise our impact and do our best to reduce it
  • To have total control of our supply chain with full traceability of all the products we source
  • To only work with supply partners who share our values on sustainability, ethics and wildlife including animal welfare, improving the communities we work in, plastic and recycling, reusable energy and much more
  • We champion the use of suppliers who become part of our team and work with our people to share their important message
  • Buying coffee from suppliers who source ethically and give something back to the community, be it the growing community or the community where it is roasted and sold