Tantalise your taste buds with this season’s latest trends, it will definitely put a ‘spring’ in your step.

For those health conscious foodie fashionista’s amongst us, we present to you currently strutting the culinary catwalk;

Genuine Dining’s top 6 trends of the 2015 spring collection:

1. Spinach

Spinach is one of those foods you will either love or hate, and at GD we are teaming with Popeye on this spring favourite as a recommended one of your five a day. Making a popular appearance on menus this vegetable is not only delicious but due to its rich colour it does not only flavour plain pasta, but it can dye it too. Seeing green, well now you are!


2. Purple Sprouting Broccoli

This vibrant vegetable is at its best during the months of February through to April, whilst adding an extra crunch to your dish. It is best served with either red meats or fish, or for those vegetarians amongst us, partner with gnocchi or cheese for a healthy and interesting dish to get those heads turning.


Spirella 175 - final copy


3. British Asparagus

This seasonal vegetable is a personal British best due to its delicious full flavour. It is not only GDC who appreciates the asparagus it seems the whole country does as there is a festival dedicated to the vegetable running from 23rd April until 21st June. Following the festival a blushing bride is seeing green as she is dedicating her wedding to a British best featuring asparagus bouquets, and accessories! Personally we would leave the vegetable to only make an appearance on the wedding menu, partnered with fresh salmon.


4. Spring Lamb

A lamb skipping in a meadow is a heart warming image for many highlighting a true vision of spring, but for all the meat lovers out there this animal makes more of an appetising, traditional dish throughout the season, whilst being best served during the Easter period. Strike a pose with this hot number; spiced lamb with bulghar and tahini dressing. At GD we do not just set the trend, we simply make them.


genuine-120 - final copy
5. St George’s Mushroom

This vegetable is better known as; Calocybe gambosa, being its original name. This type of mushroom is the first of the large edible fungi to appear around 23rd April, a day which is also shared with a very patriotic date in this country being St George’s Day, hence the title. St George’s mushroom has a very distinguished odour resembling the smell of wet flour, but do not let this put you off as this vegetable makes a delicious dish when served with chicken liver pate on toasted sourdough.


6. Borage Flowers

Blossoming this season the annual herb; Borage also known as a starflower is set to make an appearance not only in wildlife but also in our groceries. The flower and its vivid blue leaves are edible, whilst resembling the flavour of cucumbers. Why not give your salad a makeover this spring by trying a blue blossom salad; a healthy treat consisting of blue cheese, borage and chicken, whilst keeping the colours on your plate stylishly co-ordinated.