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The Genuine Chef Forum gets baking!

Our Genuine Foodies got the opportunity of a lifetime… to make artisan breads and cakes in one of the best artisanal wholesale bakeries in the UK, The Bread Factory! This bakery is one of only a handful left that make all of their breads by hand, relying on the baker’s keen senses to determine the quality of their beautiful products. They have returned to the basics, taking great care to produce the highest quality products in the most ethically and environmentally friendly ways. Read more

PART ONE of our journey for innovative products – Thirsty Trends!

The Genuine Dining Co. is always on the lookout for new, bespoke, and innovative food and drink trends that we can bring to the forefront of our service. We are aware that the food and beverage industry is constantly changing, growing, and evolving to meet the demands of customers and clientele; to offer something totally unique whilst rivalling the competition. We try our best to stay ahead of these trends whilst sourcing products that are completely in tune with our company ethos, and produce in which our customers can really get excited about! Read more

Genuine Dining attends the Foodservice Cateys

On Friday 11th October 2013, Genuine Dining attended the very first ever Foodservice Cateys! Differing slightly to the already recognised ‘Catey Awards’, also held by The Caterer and Hotel Keeper, The Foodservice Cateys was born to celebrate every foodservice employees across the UK. Designed as a way to give special recognition and rewards those individuals and teams that work tirelessly… Read more →