PART ONE of our journey for innovative products – Thirsty Trends!

The Genuine Dining Co. is always on the lookout for new, bespoke, and innovative food and drink trends that we can bring to the forefront of our service. We are aware that the food and beverage industry is constantly changing, growing, and evolving to meet the demands of customers and clientele; to offer something totally unique whilst rivalling the competition. We try our best to stay ahead of these trends whilst sourcing products that are completely in tune with our company ethos, and produce in which our customers can really get excited about!

We are zealous in our quest to remain forward thinkers, always looking for the new and exceptional, and this is where we formed our ever-growing relationship with a seriously cool company; Karma Cola.

Karma Cola:


The Karma Cola family are the soft drink specialists, luring in their customers with their cutting-edge design and innovative marketing. Their ‘family of soda pop stars’ are completely organic, are made from Fairtrade ingredients, and contain lightly processed sugar, so the good kind!

‘The Karma Cola family are good for growers, good for the land and as good for you as fizzy drinks can be.’


You can find out more about Karma Cola and their cause by clicking here.



We very recently held pop-up events across a few of our sites to showcase the trendy drinks that Karma Cola provide. As you can see their eye-catching marketing and displays teamed with their colourful cans were definitely not missed by our people!




The drinks in which they produce do not just stop at Karma Cola, they also have Gingerella and Lemony Lemonade.



We feel very privileged to work with a drink supplier who is completely in tune with our ethos, and we are equally lucky that our customers love Karma Cola as much as we do!




Keep your eyes peeled for PART TWO of our journey for innovative products; where we scouted the streets of London looking for innovative food trends which we can inject into our outlets!