A Genuine Family Fuelled Festival!

As the festive party season draws near (seriously how are we in November already), we are taking a little trip down memory lane where we hosted our very own branded Festival. (Yes this was a while ago as we are aware it is far too cold for a festival now!) 

We were all very excited to host our ‘GenFest’ party in honour of all our fantastic people, thanking them for their exceptionally hard work and efforts throughout the year. Our GenFest took place on Sunday 2nd October 2016 within the stunning gardens of Heatherden Hall, to which all of our staff and suppliers were invited. Some of our suppliers and exclusive guests who attended the event include the following:


“This exclusive event is nothing without our people, which is why everyone is invited!”





Our GenFest was completely family friendly as all were welcome. We wished to encompass everyone into our Genuine bunch, so that everyone feels a part of our fun-filled family. This event was of strong importance to us to make sure that our people feel truly appreciated for all that they do; and this occasion was also the chance for us to launch our brand new venture being: Genuine Foundation.


Genuine Foundation


This has been set up by The Genuine Dining Co. as a charity base to support grass root charities and causes close to the hearts of our people.

Every year we take part in Team Velo, which is Springboard’s charity bike ride. So with this in mind we wish to expand on our generosity and our link with charities. However, we will be listening to our people to see who they wish to fund, along with those more niche and localised charities that could really use our support.


Our Festival didn’t just stop at launching the Genuine Foundation there was masses of things for our people and their families to do. We are not just talking about our genuinely gorgeous and good food, that was the talk of the event, with our food trucks and tents serving the best of street food – better than you can imagine at a music festival! Teamed with all of this there was bouncy castles, face painting, Elsa and Olaf from Disney’s Frozen, a petting zoo hosting a whole variety of animals from barn owls to albino snakes, acrobatic jugglers, garden games, a sweet table, a gin tent and a beer tent – purely for adults only!

Now that’s enough of me waffling on about it, you can see the day in action below – hope you enjoy it as much as we did!































The turnout for GenFest was well received and we were happy to see our people united together, bonding, and most of all ‘having the most fun!’