Craze of the CUPCAKES

It’s gone ‘Cupcake Crazy’ this past week as we all celebrate National Cupcake Week. This week has been purely dedicated to our best friends within the food industry, yes we love cupcakes, and we have better relationships with them than we do with people! 

National Cupcake Week runs this year from 19th – 25th September, and has initially been introduced within the culinary calendar as a means to really promote and shout about cupcakes, whilst aiding bakeries in boosting their sales and their recognition within the competitive cupcake industry. Who would have ever thought we would need a reason to promote and boost the awareness of cupcakes; we definitely don’t need any excuse to indulge in a cupcake!  




This sweet themed week gives us every excuse to eat our whole body weight and some more in cupcakes, in all their fluffy, spongy goodness.


The Forever Growing Trend of Cupcakes:

The trend and importance of cupcakes within everyday life is continually growing, and it shows no signs of stopping or slowing down. (We are not complaining with this!) This staple sweet treat has always been a treasured favourite amongst many, and within the foodie and bakery world we are continually thinking of new, innovative ways to showcase cupcakes in all their glory.


‘According to Google, nothing is ever going to trump the cupcake’

Huffington Post Article


Cupcakes have gone beyond the simple sponge with a dollop of royal icing; they’ve grown into masterpieces and have evolved into works of art. From the creation of such cupcakes displayed as roses, and other elegant flowers to them being used as forms of food from burgers, lattice pies, stacks of pancakes, ice cream sundaes, and pots of popcorn yes all of this included in the shape and form of a cupcake!  


Our St Patrick’s themed cupcakes – we bet you’re ‘green’ with envy as they’re so delicious!


The inclusion of cupcakes at Weddings is also growing popular as many opt to move away from the classic three or four tier staple wedding cake; branching off into layers and layers of dainty but beautifully decorated cupcakes. (Make sure everyone shares or people will miss out. Sharing is caring, it’s good for the soul and so are cupcakes!)

In addition to cupcakes taking centre stage as ‘the cake’ at a Wedding the inclusions of cake pops within an evening buffet is also becoming a desirable inclusion within the catering – this is because they are extremely delicious and seriously moreish! The Pringles phrase of ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ is now dedicated to our cake pops as the phrase really rings true once you have tried one, or even just a mouthful.


Photo credits to third party photographer.


Big Brand Bakeries

The big brands and high-street bakeries specialising in cupcakes just enhances our love of cupcakes due to their exciting offers, innovative flavours, appealingly appetising nature, and not to mention their beautifully decorated, handcrafted cakes. They look too good to eat, but unfortunately we just lack the willpower to resist them.

Some of the big names and favoured chains include the likes of: Lola’s Cupcakes, Crumbs & Doilies, The Hummingbird Bakery, Primrose Bakery, and Bea’s of Bloomsbury, all of which are London based. These London based bakeries and chains have consistently grown in size and popularity due to the increasing demand for cupcakes.


Cupcakes are the dessert that everyone loves!  


Another cupcake brand that took our breath away due to their creative range of cakes was Bella’s Bakery.

We were first introduced to ‘Bella’s Bakery’ last year at TASTE the Festive Edition 2015. As we mingled amongst the food stalls our attention was captured by this boutique bakery’s display of imaginative and seriously cute cupcakes, we were salivating at the sight of it from across the room. With the inclusion of flavours such as: Rocky Road, Red Velvet, Strawberries & Cream, Raspberry & White Chocolate, and a classic Chocolate you can definitely see why we were entranced by their sheer beauty.

You can see for yourself…




You can follow Bella’s Bakery and see her beautiful baked treats at @bella_bakery 


Now that National Cupcake Week is over this means that we have to polish off these beauties below; we are definitely up for the challenge!






  1. A classic sweet treat that definitely does not boast or show off – it’s elegant in all its simplicity.


The Genuine Dining Co. Definition

We are now looking forward to National Cake Week next month so we can overindulge AGAIN!