Genuine Dining ‘Spring’ into September

We are all getting on our bikes this September in honour of our charity Springboard.


“Springboard is a charity responsible for helping young people achieve their potential, and nurtures unemployed people of all ages by aiding them getting into work, particularly within the hospitality sector and industry.” 



We work very closely with Springboard and are proud to sponsor them for the amazing work that they do, year after year.

Genuine Dining will be further supporting Springboard this September as we get on our bikes to take part in the tough, yet rewarding Team Velo Challenge. This event will run from 22nd to 24th September this year, so not long to wait now!



What is Team Velo?

Team Velo is a challenging bike ride from London to Paris, which is for a duration of three days, and is an annual event for Team GDC.

Five years ago Chris Mitchell along with the dynamic Genuine Dining Team formulated the famous Team Velo Challenge, in aid of The Springboard Charity UK Ltd.



Many members of our Genuine Team regularly participate in the bike ride as it is something we all take pleasure in. Individuals who take part in this tough bike ride all continually work hard to take on the challenge in order to proudly support a great charity; whereby all donations and money raised goes towards a well deserving cause.

Genuine Dining have supported the Team Velo challenge for the last five years, and we always thoroughly enjoy participating in the bike ride. This is not only due to the fact that we are raising money for a great cause, and due to the sheer challenge of it itself, but also because it really is a whole heap of fun too!

To see the fun in action here are a few snaps from previous years…


Punctures were ALWAYS a problem!
The Genuine BBQ is always one of our favourite parts!


There are now less than two weeks until the fabulously famous Team Velo Challenge begins and we simply cannot wait – can you?


To find out more and to follow the journey go to Team Velo Challenge or follow @TeamVelo_ for live streaming and tweets along the way of the entire event!